Highlights of the Block Chain Conference

A lot of the conversation was around how each attendee’s industry could benefit from using blockchain protocol specially as it relates to:  Tracking documents, ensure safe transactions, and using it in financial services. Spencer Bogart started off by sharing a white paper on the Blockchain as a key enabler of the Internet of Value.  It’s […]

Blockchain for financial transactions

Blockchain technology, the protocol behind bitcoin and digital currencies, also known as ‘distributed ledger’, allows financial institutions (for example) to: see who had it (a particular amount of money), who owned it, the fact that they actually committed to each other electronically and signed it with crypthology to ensure that it was authorized. You could […]

How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain protocol will make digital transactions safer

Cryptocurrency has been mostly tied to Bitcoin, a digital ‘currency’ which allows peer-to-peer transactions without an intermediary (such as banks), but it is more than that.  As Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey explain in their book:  The Age of Cryptocurrency:  How Bitcoin and Digital Money are challenging the global economic order: Cryptocurrency is not […]